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Amma Visit 2014
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Amma, Pope & World Leaders - Watch the full ceremony of the "Signing of the Declaration against Slavery" shared by Vatican TV

Amma In The Media
The Huffington Post: Pope Francis And Other Religious Leaders Sign Declaration Against Modern Slavery
The Guardian: Pope and Welby joined by imams and rabbis for anti-slavery declaration
The Indian Express: Pope and Welby joined by imams and rabbis for anti-slavery declaration
The New Indian Express: Mata Amritanandamayi meets Pope Francis in Vatican
DNA India: Mata Amritanandamayi, Pope Francis among 11 faith leaders take vow to end slavery by 2020
RTE Radion Pat Kenny Show: Amma's hugging marathon
RTE Radion Pat Kenny Show: Amma's hugging marathon
Derry Journal: Derry followers to meet the 'Hugging Saint'
''Ammafootage' Channel launches on Youtube with Amma's speeches and charitable activities
Amrita TV a television channel inspired by Amma
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Connect with Amma Ireland
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