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In The Media

Amma has been quietly gaining a reputation for her outreach over the course of 30 years. Only in recent years has the world press begun to take notice of her efforts, with glowing stories in prestige media, including TV, print, and radio. This section represents a small cross section of radio and online news articles.

Amrita TV
Amrita TV a television channel inspired by Amma
Amrita TV is a 24 – hour Malayalam Satellite channel, established in 2005, with the mission of delivering vibrant, youthful, value-oriented television entertainment, for the entire family. Amrita TV bagged 15 Kerala State Television Awards in its very first year of operation.

Global Media:

Daily Mail:
Ireland primed to embrace 'the hugging saint'

Amrita TV:
Amrita TV: Dignitaries Wish Amma A Happy Birthday

CNN News (USA):
Hugging The World

CBS News: (USA):
Amma In LA

ABC News (USA):
The Power of a Hug

Times of India:
Plan to prevent Cotton grower suicides

Sunday Times (Sri Lanka):
With a hug and a smile, Amma transforms lives

The Detroit News:
November 2006: Embrace: A mother's gift:

Eastern Eye: (search 'motherly love')

USA Today:
Amma: The 'hugging saint'

The Christian Science Monitor:
'Hugging saint' is compassion in action

Whole Life Times:
An exclusive interview with India's "hugging saint"

Current News:
July 2006: AMMA on Current TV (watch clip)

Religion & Ethics News Weekly:
The Hugging Saint

PR NewsWire:
December 2005: M.A. Center Donates $1M to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

In Ireland

RTE Radion Pat Kenny Show:
Amma's hugging marathon

Irish Times:
Thousands feel squeeze of hugging saint

TG4 Irish TV Channel:
Discussion about Sprituality and Amma

Irish Times
Derry followers to meet the 'Hugging Saint'

Derry Journal
Derry followers to meet the 'Hugging Saint'

Irish Times:
A need to hug and need to be hugged
News clip of Amma's visit 07'

RTE News
6 o'clock News Nov 19th (Link to video clip on righthand side) : 'Hugging Saint' in line for peace prize
When a motherly hug is the best medicine
If this is Mother Love, we all need a lot more of it
Embracing the human condition
'Hugging saint' embraces up to 10,000 at RDS over two days

Recirca magazine:
Ammachi Satsang

UK Links

BBC links:

BBC News:
December 2007: A Hug From Amma

BBC News:
BBC News: Film Award honours "Hug Guru"

BBC News:

October 2006 : Amma hugs at Crystal Palace

BBC News:
January 2005: Guru pledges $23m tsunami relief

BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour: Amma

BBC News:
September 2003: Devotees flock to hug Indian guru

BBC News:
Embraced by India's hugging saint

The Daily Express

August 2007: I'm the healing hugger

News Shopper

August 2007: Spiritualist to promote peace and harmony


October 2006 : The woman who has embraced 25 million around the world

The Sun

The Sun: We meet Big Hugger

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